Pointing to the Future

New Delhi Remains Washington’s Best Hope in Asia.  For two decades, Washington has had high hopes for India on the global stage.  As a superpower in waiting it promises to be a crucial U.S. partner at a time of rising competition from authoritarian challengers.

Narendra Modi’s Nudge Diplomacy.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new strategic and foreign policy in the region has been formulated to reach out to its neighbours to tackle Pakistani terrorism while also strengthening regional connectivity.

What the Bifurcation of Jammu & Kashmir Tells Us About India’s China Strategy.  The Modi government has displayed a willingness to break from long-accepted norms in dealing with complex strategic issues.

Modi Must Make Sure Trump’s US Doesn’t Hyphenate India & Pakistan Again.  For the United States, “de-hyphenation” implied focusing on its relationship with India and Pakistan without obsessing about the state of their bilateral ties. India needs to prevent any change in its “de-hyphenating” stance between India and Pakistan.

It’s Time for India to Shed its Export Pessimism for Good.  A change in India’s stance on high-value addition and rules-of-origin in free trade agreements is critical for the country to grow its exports over the coming years.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Crisis Arrives.  Donald Trump may be facing his first real international crisis as president, prioritizing trade concerns as China appears poised for a crackdown against pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong which could make a new Cold War all but inevitable.

Is a Crackdown Coming in Hong Kong?  With the Hong Kong government paralyzed by mass protests, the chances of armed intervention from Beijing, once unthinkable, are rising by the day.

The Old World and the Middle Kingdom.  Europe is beginning to face up to the challenges posed by a rising China. Recent events have shown that European leaders are growing uneasy in a relationship that until recently both sides saw as immensely beneficial.

The Next Stage of the U.S.-China Trade War Will Be Much Worse.  The trade war between the United States and China has entered a new and dangerous phase, with both countries now adopting punitive measures designed to inflict significant economic harm on the other.

The Sources of Chinese Conduct.  More than 70 years since the start of the Cold War the United States and its allies again face a communist rival that views the United States as an adversary and is seeking regional dominance and global influence.

The Crisis of Anglo-American Democracy.  There is an obvious answer to the question of how the world’s two oldest and most venerable democracies installed disordered minds in power and enabled them to pursue unpopular policies. But there is also a deeper explanation.

Creating a National Electricity Market: India’s Most Important Power Sector Reform.  India’s Central Electricity Regulatory Commission’s proposal of creating a national market for the purchasing of electricity from any generator will maximize resource efficiency, bring down power procurement costs, and reduce renewable energy curtailment.

Bailing Out China’s Belt and Road.  The Belt and Road Initiative has created conflicts between recipient governments and international institutions in the past, with China being accused of using predatory economics and debt-for-sovereignty deals.