Some Good News


Government eases lending rules for Non-Banking Financial Companies.  The Indian government has approved easier lending rules for NBFCs, enabling them to get more access to funds by providing state-run banks partial guarantees against purchase of NBFCs BBB+ rated in addition to AA or higher rated assets.

11 December 2019


Private equity firms increase investments in last-mile real estate funding.  Private equity investors are either setting up platforms for financing real estate projects, which are stuck in the late or final stages of construction, or looking to offer capital for such projects from existing funds.

03 December 2019


Government to put tech platform in place for food donation.  The Indian Government is in process of launching a technology platform, to connect donors with surplus food to food distribution organisations to ensure seamless distribution of surplus food to the needy.

12 December 2019


Women representation in Indian companies rise.  Representation of women in corporate India has increased from 21% five years ago to 30% in 2019. Prioritization of gender diversity and concentrated programmes implemented for women have increased gender diversity ratios.

12 December 2019


Cabinet approves launch of India’s first bond exchange traded fund (ETF).  As part of the government’s efforts to deepen the Indian bond market, the cabinet approved ETF, aimed at diversifying investor base and bringing in retail investors in the market.

04 December 2019


Government to increase FDI limit in insurance companies.  The government is planning to raise the overseas investment limit in the insurance sector to 74%, up from 49%, with the announcement expected to be a part of the Union Budget for fiscal 2021.

10 December 2019