Our Vision

To create the leading platform to finance the growth and international
positioning of enterprises in India and strengthen their
links with the global economy

  • strategic

    Succeeding in situations that are dynamically shaped by the aspirations of rising peoples, their society, markets and the rapidly changing environments – where rules seem to apply but are often rewritten

  • thematic

    Envisaging the forces leading to the rise and fall of power,prosperity and freedom – in the world at large and in the regions in which we participate – and imagining the global and local implications

  • capital

    Financing growth, re-positioning and innovation to build out ideas that benefit peoples, companies, countries, trade and relationships in the region in which we participate and extend across their boundaries

Our History

The firm was founded to be a modern merchant financier in India to finance growth opportunities and provide strategic counsel to local and international entrepreneurs focused on the Greater Pacific region

The history of Greater Pacific Capital is closely tied to the emergence of India as high a potential destination for international investors. The founders and senior team of the businesses have worked together for over a dozen years structuring and completing cross-border investments. Greater Pacific Capital was established in 2005 in order to capitalise on the growing demand for financing and international expertise by fast growing Indian companies. The firm completed its first investment during the same year. At the time, we saw a unique opportunity to provide entrepreneurs with more than just capital, building deep relationships and providing strategic counsel and expertise to further build out the value of companies.

In 2006 we raised our first private equity fund, Greater Pacific Capital Partners, L.P. focused on investing in private and closely held public companies in with significant experience to India.

In 2008 we raised Greater Pacific Capital Pharma Partners, L.P., a special vehicle focused on leveraging India’s emergence as major pharmaceutical hubs as well as attractive markets for healthcare in the own rights.

Today, the firm has invested across all investment stages, and through several economic cycles in India and abroad, completing over a dozen private and public investments across multiple sectors. Looking to the future, we see multiple attractive asset classes to be unlocked with our thematic investment approach and we will continue to build out the firm to capitalise on new growth opportunities.