Thematic Research Led Approach, Summary.¬†GPC’s thematic approach lies at the core of the firm’s investment strategy. GPC’s thematic origination strategy provides it with a distinctive competitive advantage in Asia, where investing strategies have typically been led by capital deployment, intermediated transactions and/or transaction structuring. The firm’s cross-border and interdisciplinary approach has allowed it to leverage its unique position as an India-China international investor to develop proprietary themes and investment strategies. GPC’s investment themes have enabled it to identify attractive investment opportunities ahead of the curve, allowing proprietary origination, while its content has enabled it to develop valuable relationships with potential targets allowing proprietary execution of these opportunities. Our investment themes are proprietary in nature and based on its in-house research. Our senior team engages with international experts, its team on the ground in India and China and a wide range of industry and market participants, as well as performing in-depth research and analysis to develop unique and value added perspectives. The team has used this to build an extensive library of geopolitical, industry and cross-industry, global, cross-border and India-China research and content that forms the basis of the firm’s investment themes.

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