Our philosophy guides us and also places high demands upon us as we journey in a world that is changing dramatically all around us … we endeavour to appreciate that the journey itself will make us more fit to journey

Our Character

Visionary, Ambitious and Pioneering in how we think about world affairs, our targeted countries, our approach to business, relationships and our people

Accountable Empowerment of our leaders, our team, our people, our investee companies

Unlocking Potential of ourselves, our people, our firm, our investee companies and our relationships in the context of the scope of our work

Maximisation of Opportunity for Risk in our approach to building ideas, identifying and constructing opportunities, evaluating and structuring opportunities, managing people

Delivery of Results from our investee companies, our firm, our people, ourselves

Adaptable in the Face of Change such that we move forward grounded by our principles and values and transform as necessary

Seek to Discover the Truth From All That We Do about the world in which we operate, the themes that emerge, our environment, our investee companies, our ability to play and ourselves