Pointing to the Future

The Temptations of a Resilient China.  The combination of near-term resilience and an inward-looking US appears to offer a tantalizing opportunity for China. But China should resist the temptations of global power projection and stay focused on executing its domestic strategy. The challenge now is to realize the “tremendous opportunity” that Li touted in ruling out a hard landing.

Political Indoctrination in Chinese Colleges.  Among Chinese college students, support for the Party and government remain strong—at least on paper. However, most students have shown their dissatisfaction with Ideological and Political Education and their inability to intake additional political coursework void of liberal teaching methods.

China’s Power Projection in the Western Indian Ocean.  There seems little doubt that China is strengthening its ability to protect Chinese interests in the Western Indian Ocean region and setting the stage for power projection even further. A strong case can be made for maximising U.S. cooperation with India in an effort to minimize future conflict and enhance regional stability.

Assessing Institutional Rules in China’s Elite Selection: The Case of Ethnic Minority Leaders.  This brief review of the appointment patterns of ethnic minority leaders indicates how institutional rules and norms factor into the selection of ethnic elites.

China’s Emerging Institutional Statecraft.  Attempts by China to enshrine new rules, practices, or norms will require the cooperation of other states and thus compromise from Beijing. Defenders of the liberal international order can therefore take heart that while compliance rates may fall, an illiberal alternative is unlikely to take its place.

Elite Promotion under Xi Jinping.   Governance experience in remote hardship regions is emerging as a common feature among China’s most prominent political leaders. Although these leaders have traversed a range of career trajectories, they each have benefited professionally from serving in poor, remote provinces.

The Sino-American Employment Challenge.  Both Xi and Trump seemed to recognize that a stable US-China relationship is necessary to enable them to focus on their respective challenges. As the world’s two largest consumer markets and leading trade partners, China and the US can do much to help each other overcome the barriers to increased, broad-based, and high-quality job creation.

Muslim Anxieties and India’s Future.  The appointment of Adityanathin in Uttar Pradesh seems to indicate that the BJP will employ anti-Muslim animus in its effort to consolidate Hindu votes in the 2019 national elections. But that strategy is clearly at odds with Modi’s rhetorical focus on economic development.