Pointing to the Future

The Problem With India’s ‘AI for All’ Strategy.  India is seeking to position itself as a leader in the global AI race. However, the deployment of AI solutions in industry could disrupt labour markets due to which a new class of low-skill and low-paid jobs need to be created to fuel an AI world.

India Begins Expanding its Diplomatic Footprint in Africa.  Over the past decade, India has worked to recast its ties with the African continent, which is seen as a major growth pole and a major source of resources. They have now begun to implement plans to expand its diplomatic footprint to 47 out of 54 African nations, up from the existing 29.

China Slowdown Presents India An Opportunity to Shine.  China has on average been growing around two percentage points faster than India since the early 1990s, but the recent slowdown is an opportunity for India to close the gap.

Why a US-China Trade Deal Is Not Enough.  Even if a comprehensive trade agreement is reached, it would just unravel the US-China relationship in a more gradual and less costly way given that the trade war is not fundamentally about trade at all; rather, it is a manifestation of the escalating strategic competition between the two powers.

India’s New ‘Attack’ on Air Pollution.  The National Clean Air Policy (NCAP), unveiled in January, following a string of alarming reports about the quality of air in Indian cities, has laid down the road map for Indian cities to clean up their act in the next five years.

India’s Growth Story is Real But Challenges Remain.  India is probably one of the few large emerging economies where growth and development seem to be cruising along at the same pace, making it unique in many ways. However, its growth over the next decade depend on how governments steer development in the healthcare and education sectors.

A Trade Dialogue, An Opportunity. For India, the US is probably the most important trade partner today and will remain so for a long time. The danger of the US withdrawing India’s trade benefits could further strain the already tense bilateral trade relationship.

The Tremendous Impact of a US-China Investment and Technology War.  Working out the contours of the new US-China relationship will take time as this is a strategic competition which will last for a couple of decades unless something dramatic changes within China, or the United States gives up wanting to be a super power.

Responsible Competition and the Future of U.S.-China Relations.  There is a strengthening consensus in the United States for taking a tougher approach toward China, but there is not yet unanimity on the American interests that may be at stake in competition and the objectives for U.S. strategy with China and in Asia.

A Revolt is Brewing in China, But Don’t Expect Tiananmen Square.  Factories all over China are sending workers on unpaid leave or cutting work-weeks to four days given the slowdown in the Chinese economy. This has led to a high level of discontent among factory workers across China, who have begun staging sit-ins demanding unpaid wages.

China’s Changing Approach to Africa. The Chinese narrative about its development efforts toward Africa is undergoing significant changes with China more visibly focused on the commercial and viability aspects of it financial pledges to the continent.

China’s Growing Military Presence Abroad Brings New Challenges.  China has begun stepping up its own military and security operations abroad to protect its commercial and strategic interests, particularly in Africa. However, the growing presence carries implications in a number of different areas of international law.

Has India Successfully Tamed the Inflation Dragon?  Though India has nearly halved headline inflation over the past five years, it’s is risky to say that India has decisively won the battle against high inflation. However, the structural changes in the food market, the energy market and the monetary policy framework offer reason for hope.