Some Good News


Good News from India


Toyota and Suzuki Expand India Car Tie-up. Toyota and Suzuki have progressed their cooperation in India with plans to jointly supply hybrid and other vehicles for the Indian market, introducing battery electric vehicles in the Indian market by around 2020 and boosting local component procurement.

28 March 2018


India and France Ink 14 Strategy Pacts During State Visit. India and France signed 14 key pacts in a bid to enhance strategic partnership in areas of security, nuclear energy as well as protection of classified information to enhance cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.

10 March 2018


India Reclaims Position as Fastest Growing Economy In the World. he Indian economy has regained its momentum, with the Central Statistical Office reporting a GDP growth of 7.2% in Q3 FY18, the fastest in five quarters, and reclaiming India’s position as world’s fastest growing major economy.

1 March 2018


Good News from China


China Reopens Cash Outflow Quotas After 2-year Hiatus. Chinese regulators have revived a programme allowing global asset managers to raise funds from Chinese onshore clients for investment in offshore hedge funds, indicating regulators are increasingly relaxed about cross-border capital flows amid a stable Chinese economy and persistent dollar weakness.

27 March 2018


China Confident It Can Keep US Trade Clash in Check.  Chinese government officials are confident that carefully calibrated responses to US punitive tariffs can help minimise the risks of a broader Sino-US trade dispute, focusing instead on longer-term strategic goals outlined by Xi Jinping.

25 March 2018


US-Educated Yi Gang Becomes Head of China’s Central Bank, Pointing to Stability. US-educated economist Yi Gang has been named the next governor of China’s central bank, an appointment seen as one of ensured continuity as Beijing continues to try and rein in growing debt and limit risky financial practices.

19 March 2018