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India Good News


IT sector to create 250,000 jobs in coming months.  250,000 new jobs will be created in the information technology sector across different fields of skill development and training including cloud computing, Internet of things (IOT), Big Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain

02 July 2019


Government to infuse US$10bn into public sector banks to improve capital flows.  The bank recapitalisation of US$10bn is aimed at bolstering the capital base of the state-owned banks and making sure that the commercial or industrial enterprises do not suffer.

05 July 2019


New government water and sanitation scheme to attract US$90bn in investment over five years.  The government’s new ‘Nal se Jal’ scheme, which aims to provide piped water connection to every household by 2024 is expected to attract investment worth US$90bn in the next five years.

14 July 2019


Tencent increases investments in Indian technology start-ups amid China slowdown.  Tencent is looking to increase its investments in Indian technology companies, following the slowdown in venture capital investments across China.

25 July 2019


WhatsApp to roll out payment features in India. WhatsApp will launch its payments service to its 400 million users across India this year, on receiving regulatory approval from the government.

26 July 2019


India received highest-ever FDI of c.US$64bn in 2018-19.  India received c.US$64bn in investments in 2018-19, up from US$60bn in 2017-18. The rise in investment was driven by the foreign direct investment policy liberalisation and reforms over the last financial year.

31 July 2019