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China Accuses Indian Troop of Crossing Border in Sikkim Section.  China has accused Indian troops of “crossing the boundary” in the Sikkim section, calling for their immediate withdrawal and a thorough investigation of the issue. The People’s Liberation Army warned that the move has “seriously damaged” border peace and tranquility.

Narendra Modi Visits US.  The first meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump is expected take the Indo-US ties to the next level. Modi and Trump would be together spending several hours at the White House, beginning a one-to-one meeting, followed by a delegation level talk, a cocktail reception and a working dinner.

India Seeks Russian Firms’ Support in Defence Manufacturing.  Showcasing policy initiatives for defence production in India, Defence Minister Arun Jaitley on June 21 invited Russian firms to join hands with Indian companies in developing high-end military platforms and weapons systems.

Panama Cuts Ties with Taiwan in Favour of China.  Panama has cut long-standing diplomatic ties with Taiwan in favour of establishing relations with China, in a diplomatic coup for Beijing.

Chinese Tycoon Reportedly Caught up in Sweeping Corruption Crackdown.  The chairman of Anbang Insurance, an influential Chinese insurance company, has stepped down after domestic media reported that he had been detained as authorities pursue a sweeping campaign against alleged corruption in the financial industry.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Courts US Firms.  Alibaba boss Jack Ma, the head of China’s largest e-commerce company, is in Detroit to woo US businesses to his platform. Mr Ma said in January he wants to attract one million US small firms. His push comes as US President Donald Trump emphasises increasing US exports