Date Title
July 2019 Asia Rising: Quantifying the Asian Century
June 2019 Delivering on the Victory in India’s 2019 General Election
May 2019 The 2019 General Election: Who Will Lead India to a US$5tn Economy?
April 2019 India’s Growth: Critical Turning Points and Geostrategic Implications
March 2019 Briefing: India-Pakistan Conflict – An Inflection Point?
February 2019 India’s Journey to a US$5tn Economy: Growth Beyond Policy
January 2019 The Key Issues Shaping 2019
December 2018 Global Cyber Rivalry Challenges American Geopolitical Leadership
November 2018 Rising Global Risk (and its Implications for India)
October 2018 Transforming India’s Growth Model
September 2018 Reforms and Accelerating Growth are the Key to Political Power in India
August 2018 China’s Path to World Leadership
July 2018 India’s Transformation Through to 2040, Overview of the Metrics of Industrial India vs. Information Age India
June 2018 Indian ‘Certainties’ Revisited – and the Changes They Will Drive
May 2018 The Commonwealth 2.0: An Opportunity for India to Lead
April 2018 India’s States: A Re-alignment Towards Growth
March 2018 Digital Shock: India’s Opportunity to Create a new Healthcare System and save US$50bn
February 2018 Digital Shock: India’s Challenges are its Opportunity to Lead in Tech
January 2018 2018 And The Clash of World Views
December 2017 Global Hubs: Engines for Prosperity
November 2017 The Maths of India’s Reforms: Where to Next?
October 2017 Digital Shock: How Our World is Being Transformed
September 2017 India’s Transition to the Information Age, and the Sectors Driving This
August 2017 India’s Rising, Risk Falling
July 2017 Path to Power: India’s Great Opportunity in the Changing World Order
June 2017 The Evolving US-China Relationship in the Age of Trump
May 2017 12 Certainties with the Potential to Transform India by 2025
April 2017 India-International: How India’s Links to the World Create Value and Drive Development
March 2017 The Shape of the World to Come – Part III: The Path to a New World Order
February 2017 India’s Demonetisation Scheme: A High Stakes Move to Attack India’s Informal Economy
January 2017 The Shape of the World to Come – Part II: The Key Challenges Facing the World
December 2016 The US Election in Context – We Live in Revolutionary Times: The Prelude to the New World Order
November 2016 The Shape of the World to Come – Part I: How the World is Progressing
October 2016 The Enrichment of India’s Farming Community is the key to Adding US$4.3 trillion to Indian GDP
September 2016 South China Seas: With Greater Power Comes Greater Responsibility
August 2016 Special Update on India’s Goods and Services Tax
August 2016 Restructuring the Nation’s Financial Sector for 10%+ Growth
July 2016 Brexit and the Other Forces Destabilising and Reshaping the World
June 2016 India’s Steady Pace of Change: The NDA Government at 2 Years
May 2016 The Trump Doctrine and the Future of American Power
April 2016 India-Australia: Creating a Defining Partnership
March 2016 The Logic Underlying President Xi’s Anti-Corruption Campaign
February 2016 Realising India’s demographic dividend: The People Determine Success
January 2016 Key Themes for the Year to Come: What to Look Out For in 2016
December 2015 China’s New Silk Road: Tactics, Overstretch or Grand Strategy?
November 2015 India: Where China was 10 Years Ago, Not all Emerging Markets are the Same
October 2015 Does Democracy Drive Growth? Can China Succeed Without it and India Prosper Under it?
September 2015 Creating Growth Through its States, How India Can Become A Long Term Driver of Economic Growth
August 2015 Ten Lessons from China’s Equity Market Turmoil: What is Real?
July 2015 India States: The India Within India
June 2015 Cleaning Up India Worth $250bn: The Moral and Economic Imperative of a Clean Environment
May 2015 The Dangers of the Wrong Reactions to China’s Growing International Power Position
April 2015 India Has to Create Big Waves to Succeed
March 2015 The China Dream: Beyond the Purge, Arresting Decay
February 2015 India’s Journey to Economic Power Based on the Most Important Lessons from China
January 2015 Key Themes for the Year to Come: What to Look Out For in 2015
December 2014 The First Steps in the Creation of the New India Story: How the Modi Government is Seeking to Reshape India
November 2014 The Hong Kong Protests and their Implications for China
October 2014 US-India Leaders’ Agenda: Aligning Their Visions for the 21st Century
September 2014 The Role of Mega-Scale in Building Industrial Power: Some of China’s Top Engineering and Construction Feats
August 2014 Unleashing India’s Industrial Potential: Building a Globally-Competitive Manufacturing Base
July 2014 The Test of China’s Next Stage of Development: The Rise of Wuhan
June 2014 China in Africa
May 2014 India and Japan: The Strategic Agenda
April 2014 China’s Changing Competitiveness to 2025– Far-reaching Economic and Political Implications
March 2014 12% Growth Agenda: A Blueprint for India’s New Government
February 2014 Decoding India’s 2014 Election: The Potential for Resetting India’s Course
January 2014 Key Events for the Year to Come: What to Look out for in 2014
December 2013 China’s Third Plenum: The Power Shifts Behind the Reforms
November 2013 The China Dream: The Role of China’s Urbanisation and the Rise of an Independent Class of Citizen
October 2013 Transforming India’s Slums: A Critical Step in Creating the New India
September 2013 China’s Overseas Population: Leveraging A Critical Asset
August 2013 Pensions and Social Security in India and China: A c.US$30 trillion Liability in the Making
July 2013 Cyber Attack, Defence and Security in the Making and Preserving of Superpowers
June 2013 The Agenda: The Decisions that Will Shape India-China Relations
May 2013 The Planning and Development Model of China, The Challenge to the Model is Becoming Clearer
April 2013 China’s Potential Green Future
March 2013 The Indian Diaspora: A Unique Global Untapped Asset for India
January 2013 Protests in India and China – When is Enough Enough?
December 2012 Making 2013 a Pivotal Year of Change: Our Wish List for 2013
November 2012 2012 Presidents’ Agenda – The Decisions that Will Shape US-China
October 2012 The "Hindu Rate" or a Pause Before the Next Lap?
September 2012 China’s Miracle Ends and China’s Growth Continues?
August 2012 Fighting for Corporate Position, Size is Not Enough
July 2012 India and China’s Growing Equity
June 2012 American Power, Patterns of Rise and Decline
May 2012 Why China and India Need the US
April 2012 China and the Freedom Advantage
March 2012 The India-China Link – Cross Border Opportunities
February 2012 India Wide Open – Transforming India Now for 2040
January 2012 The Shape of our World ? The Year Ahead